Tensions between Rwanda and Burundi have again killed one Saturday morning. A man was shot dead on the lake Rweru which marks the border between the two countries. New illustration of the tensions between Kigali and Bujumbura.

traffickers of food and human,

They were three to cross the lake Rweru (which separates Rwanda from Burundi). One was able to get back to shore. The first was fatally shot in the belly, driven by Rwandan soldiers by the Burundian police who recovered the body yesterday. As for the third, it would be a prisoner to the other side of the border. But police did not attempt to learn more. Because it is “traffickers of food and human,” according to the official.

Rwandan side, it denies any involvement. There was only one shot, summation and no prisoner said the army, which recognizes that the area is prone to tensions. This is the second Burundian trader killed at the border in a month: the first night of transporting goods through the forest when he was shot.

Since the summer, the Burundian authorities have banned the transport of humans and goods to Rwanda. A measure that has angered border traders. Bujumbura accuses the Rwandan army to conduct raids on its territory. And to have spent a Burundian beaten.

Lately several events were held in the border towns. To denounce that Burundian authorities call the ”  destabilization attempts  ” carried out by its neighbor.