US election: The polls are tightening with nine days of the US presidential election, while the Democrats are headwind against FBI Director that electrified the campaign by raising the matter emails Hillary Clinton.

US election polls are tightening

The former first lady, always given favorite, returned Sunday in Florida, a key state in the race for the White House. His lead is melted in the average of the latest polls, now at 0.8%, according to Real Clear Politics. A new poll Sunday is even giving his Republican challenger Donald Trump won 46 against 42% (New York Times Upshot / Siena College).

The advance of Clinton was also lightly packed nationally, now 44.9% of the vote against 41.1% for Donald Trump, according to the average of recent polls.

In this context, the Clinton camp continued Sunday to heap scorn on FBI Director James Comey, who had created the amazement Friday by announcing the recovery of de facto investigating emails Hillary Clinton.

Thousands of emails have been recently found by the US press on a computer that was sharing one of his closest collaborators, Huma Abedin, with her husband Anthony Weiner. The latter, whose Huma Abedin parted in August, is being investigated for sending SMS orientated to a 15 year old girl, and this is part of an investigation into the facts that the emails were discovered.

– Interference –

Mr. Comey gave no details in his letter to leaders of Congress who immediately made public. He stresses it is too early to know whether this discovery is significant or not.

“This is an unprecedented move that breaks with the policies of the Ministries of Justice, Democratic and Republican”, denounced Sunday the president of the campaign of Hillary Clinton John Podesta, claiming that Mr. Comey was “overruled the board senior officials of the Ministry of Justice. ”

He recalled that the Ministry, which is attached to the FBI, had a tradition of “not interfering with an election 11 days before the election.”

“He could start by looking (these emails) before doing this in the middle of a presidential campaign, so close to the election day,” insisted Mr. Podesta on CNN, said it was “inappropriate” conduct of Mr. Comey.

“Mr. Comey has really come and explain why it has taken this unprecedented step, when he himself said (…) that these (emails) may not be important.”

The “little substance” of the letter “was immediately distorted”, also said on NBC’s campaign director Robby Mook Clinton, asking, like former Secretary of State, that “all the information is on the table. ”

Clinton had deemed Saturday “strange” and “deeply worrying”, behavior of James Comey, appointed by President Barack Obama in 2013. The FBI director has long been Republican but is inset as such.

Hillary Clinton “can call her friend and confidante Huma Abedin and ask him today what’s in these emails,” for his part said the campaign manager Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway on Fox.

She also stressed that if the FBI director had not revealed this new development, it might as well be accused of interfering with the election.

– The optimistic camp Trump –

Mail is widely exploited by the Republican camp. Donald Trump on Saturday denounced the “biggest political scandal since Watergate.”

And he wanted resolutely optimistic.

“We are now in the lead in many polls, many of which were made before the announcement of the criminal investigation Friday,” he tweeted Sunday.

“We will surprise everyone and win the election,” also said Ms. Conway.

Donald Trump had a Sunday program loaded with three rallies in three states, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

The case emails Hillary Clinton comes from the fact that she had used a private server when she was Secretary of State, and not that secure in his department. An investigation concluded in July that it was not for prosecution but that Clinton had shown “extreme negligence”.

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