Turkey Hunts For Journalists ArrestOn Monday, In Turkey, police arrested the editor of the opposition daily Cumhuriyet and thirteen arrest warrants have been issued against journalists and other leaders of the newspaper, according to the Turkish press. Murat Sabuncu was arrested and authorities were looking for Akin Atalay, the CEO, and the journalist Guray Oz, said the pro-government news agency Anadolu. Thirteen arrest warrants have been issued, reports the Turkish press.

The newspaper Cumhuriyet asserted, however, that Mr. Oz was already in custody, along with several other journalists of the newspaper.
Anadolu said the homes of Atalay and Oz were searched. According to the newspaper, a search was also underway at the home of one of its cartoonists Musa Kart.

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According to a statement prosecutors Istanbul Anadolu quoted by several leaders of the newspaper and Cumhuriyet Foundation, which owns the newspaper, are under investigation for activities related to the movement of the preacher Fethullah Gulen – accused ‘masterminding the failed putsch of July 15 – and with the Kurdistan workers’ Party (PKK).

wide purge

An extensive purge was started in Turkey after the attempted overthrow of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime that has affected all sectors, including the full brunt of the press, with the arrest of dozens of journalists and the closure of a hundred media.

A decree published Saturday in the Official Gazette announced the closure of 15 newspapers , magazines and news agencies, mostly based in southeast predominantly Kurdish Turkey.

Cumhuriyet newspaper last major Turkish opposition, adopted under the guidance of Can Dundar, predecessor of Mr. Sabuncu, a hard line against the president Erdogan, multiplying embarrassing investigations for power.