The White House had no role in the decision of James Comey FBI director to inform the Congress that it was investigating new mails related to private mails server Hillary Clinton.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that no “defend or criticize” the decision in order to preserve the integrity of the investigation. But said it must follow the rules about making public information.
Amid criticism for the decision to Comey, Earnest said the FBI director is a man of “integrity and character”.

The White House says no defend or criticize the director of the FBI investigation to Clinton

Earnest also said that President Barack Obama does not believe the FBI director is trying to influence the election.

“The president does not believe he is secretly planning to benefit a candidate or a political party,” he said. “He is in a difficult position, and he is the one who will be in a position to defend their actions in the face of criticism from legal experts, including individuals who have worked in the Justice Department in the administrations of presidents of both parties” he added the press secretary.

On Monday the Justice Department obtained a court order that will allow you to start recording the computer that is believed to contain thousands of emails recently discovered high adviser to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, two police sources confirmed to CNN.

It is considered that the computer in question belongs to ex-husband Abedin, the exrepresentante Anthony Weiner, and was seized as part of a separate investigation in which he is accused of having sexually explicit communications with a minor.

The authorities felt they needed a new order because the existing authorization is only referred to the initial research on Weiner.

Investigators from the FBI office in New York who are leading the investigation into Weiner encountered with emails from Abedin while they were checking e-mails and other communications on the computer, which is considered to belong to Weiner, officials said. They stopped their work and called the FBI team that conducted the case of private email server Clinton.

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