Hillary Clinton received in advance of the questions put to him during debates in the Democratic primary, reveal emails released Monday by WikiLeaks, which confirm accusations made by Donald Trump.Clinton warned in advance issues of debate as WikiLeaks

One of the emails made public is particularly telling: written by the current interim president of the Democratic Party, Donna Brazile he spoke to John Podesta,  Clinton campaign and Jennifer Palmieri, director of communication of the candidate.

The message is dated March 5, the eve of a debate that took place in the northern city of Flint, became a symbol of social injustice in the United States because of its water network seriously contaminated with lead.

“One of the questions that will be asked to HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ed) will come from a woman who has a rash,” warned Ms. Brazile, who officiated so as a commentator on CNN.

“His family was poisoned with lead and ask that Hillary could do for the people of Flint if she became president,” said Donna Brazile.

The debate the next day, Clinton had indeed been interviewed by a woman who had denounced the skin problems of his family, even if the terms of the question set were significantly different.

In a message of 12 March, the eve of a debate organized by CNN, Ms. Brazile Ms. Palmieri promises to “send additional few”, being very likely reference to debate issues.

Finally, another email revealed recently, Ms. Brazile wrote: “Sometimes I get the questions in advance.”In that same message, the strategist of the Democratic Party implied that Mrs. Clinton would ask a question on the death penalty.

After these revelations, CNN said Monday that Ms. Brazile had resigned from the channel.

“Thank you CNN. Honoured to have been a Democratic political analyst and commentator on your channel,” tweeted Donna Brazile Monday.

For weeks the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, reiterated that her rival was an advantage in the campaign of the Democratic primary against his main competitor Bernie Sanders, especially through questions in advance of the debate.

Mr. Trump has not presented evidence to support his claims but the facts here agreed.

The emails made public by WikiLeaks were hacked on behalf of John Podesta, by relatives hackers of Russian power, according to US intelligence services. The Democratic Party has not confirmed or denied their authenticity.