Nearly 10 years after the affair, Mediapart proposes a new theory on the
contamination of 232 Libyan children with the AIDS virus. According to the notebooks of Shukri Ghanem, head of the Gaddafi government from 2003 to 2006, the French information website has been able to obtain, it is the Libyan chiefs of military intelligence and special services that would have injected the AIDS virus in these 232 children. A version that challenges the lawyer of the Bulgarian nurses accused at the time of having infected children.

The Bulgarian nurses who spent more than eight years in Libyan prison under the regime of Muammar Gaddafi before being released in 2007, welcomed Saturday the revelations in Paris confirming their innocence. ” This new me grow wings! The truth triumph, nearly 10 after our liberation by Cecilia  “(the ex-wife of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy), rejoiced Tcherveniachka Valia, one of the five Bulgarian nurses, with a Palestinian doctor were Libya accused of infecting with the AIDS virus to 232 children at the Benghazi hospital in the east of the country.

According to testimony reported by French website Mediapart , it is the Libyan chiefs of military intelligence and special services that would have injected the AIDS virus Libyan children. This testimony appeared in a book in the hands of French justice, which belonged to Shukri Ghanem , head of the Gaddafi government from 2003 to 2006. The case could have been a revenge towards Benghazi, rebel city in Gadhafi regime .

”  It is unthinkable, absurd like a horror movie! Exclaimed another nurse, Valentina Siropoulo, asked his colleagues by telephone by Agence France-Presse (AFP). You see the hands of what monsters we spent eight and a half years. It’s a miracle that we could work this out  . ”


More sober, the nurses Kristiana Valtcheva and Snejana Dimitrova, felt that these revelations could help them obtain compensation on behalf of Libya. ”  We need the guilt of Libyan officials is proven. The Libyan government has foreign assets which we can be compensated  ” , Ms Valtcheva said.

Snejana Dimitrova spoke about an investigation in Bulgaria five years ago, when Gaddafi was still in power, which was never completed. Or ”  the Bulgarian judiciary must have spoken for us to address ourselves to the European Court for Human Rights  ” in Strasbourg, she explained.

The nurses’ lawyer disputes

But François Cantier, founder of the NGO Lawyer without borders at the time, defended the Bulgarian nurses accused of unfairly tainted children, these revelations seem farfetched. This is primarily because a medical investigation had to clear time the mode of transmission of this virus. A transmission that would not last through voluntary inoculation as stated Shukri Ghanem in his notebooks.

“I do not see how the theory of deliberate contamination of these unfortunate children can still be supported today,” he siad. He recalled that at the time, the epidemiological investigation was conducted to the bearer of the AIDS virus.

“This is due to a lack of hygiene at the Benghazi hospital, according to scientists, that this contamination could occur as well, explains François Cantier. Certainly by the use of contaminated medical devices already either needles or other invasive medical equipment that puts in contact with other people’s blood the AIDS virus. The experts were formal and mostly they differed totally the thesis of intentional contamination. One that resurfaces today.  “new-theory-on-the-contamination-of-232-libyan-children-with-the-aids-virus